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A place for things useful for the revolver user.

The revolver is a capable defensive tool. In a few niches it is more capable than most autos. However the most commonly used/carried revolvers are not easy to use well. Like any weapon, if you are to use the revolver, dedicated study is helpful.

Here is a blog for revolver enthusiasts.

The tactical professor is a dedicated snub nose revolver student as well.

Ed Lovett's book is about the snub, but the former CIA clandestine service member included as much mindset material as snub material in it. It was especially valuable when published as mindset info was not nearly as commonly discussed when first published

Finally Grant Cunningham may have more published on the snub nose revolver than anyone else in the industry. Trainer, author and revolversmith.

If you have revolver resources for the group, post them here!

Google "jerry miculek revolver technique" and lots of good videos/articles come up as well.  I first heard of Jerry many years ago in regards to revolver shooting and was amazed he was just as accomplished with pistol and AR15.  I imagine he is fantastic with shotgun and anything that shoots.

oh cool. thx... i carry a revolver when i carry right now.

Ed McGivern's "Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting"


--- Quote from: machinisttx on January 23, 2018, 05:05:39 PM ---Ed McGivern's "Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting"

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Posty a linky.

Such as:

Also on Ed McGivern in general:



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