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If you could only have one Centerfire Handgun what would it be?

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If you could only have one Centerfire Handgun what would it be?





My M&P 40.

First choice, Springfield 1911 in .45
2nd choice, Springfieldo xdm in .40
Why?  Same reason I like ice cream.

As an abstract?  A 4 inch S&W 629 is incredibly versatile.  You could load it with everything from range fodder to game loads.  Perhaps in its lighter barrel versions like the mountain gun. Has back country potential, it is moderately concealable if one is willing to make compromises to carry.

Practically though, a Glock 19.  I have a lot of time on it and I know how to maintain it better than any other handgun (more due to how simple it is than anything).  Additionally, at the moment I have no particular need for a back country gun.

1911s, no.  I don't have an extensive background with it and have known and known of too many trainers who started out as 1911 die hards who have changed their opinion to consider it something special without personal experience on my own part. 

XDs, I have very limited experience with them.  I have no complaints about my limited time on them, no one has given me a compelling reason to consider changing to it either.  The XDm line seems pretty nice but the price point is now so close to Glock it doesn't figure for me (as a person of my particular economic situation and willingness to spend on firearms).  Same on M&P, nothing wrong with them that I know of (their 9mm accuracy problem was fixed a long time ago from my understanding), just see no need to get into it.

A thought for those getting into pistols from a survival standpoint.  The Glock is the most popular LE gun in the US.  All of USSOCOM is going to them and it is possible the DoD might adopt it as the US Service Pistol.  If that is the case it would be far the most ubiquitous pistol in the world.  Even if you go with other firearms, it would not be a bad idea to own a common size and caliber Glock (perhaps a 17 or 19) and have a knowledge of their use.  Parts, accessories and maintenance knowledge will be a very common thing.

What Chem said.

Except for the Mountain Gun part.  Mine has been problematic with magnum loads and may need to go back to S&W again. 


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