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Since I've been writing this as I post, rather than composing it offline and then posting it I'm going to take a break to let my wrists rest.  :) I'm planning to add to this over time until it is a fairly comprehensive resource.  I also plan to rewrite the sections that have "filler" from Wikipedia currently.  I'd like it to eventually be something that can be put into a PDF and made available for new members of the community who are just starting out. :)
Whatz Hizname

***I've split the discussion portions of the main thread off from the info.  Feel free to discuss, ask questions or what ever you need to do in this new discussion thread.***


Whatz Hizname, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I thank you for putting this together.  If you'd like, I can lock the thread to keep it cohesive until you are done.  =-]

Hey Dan,
That might be nice, as it would allow me to retain some continuity as I'm writing it.  If people have comments or suggestions they can post in a separate thread. :)  Thanks Big Dan!
Whatz Hizname
BTW.  Is there a way to edit my early posts?  I noticed that I had a couple typos, less than I feared considering I typed everything as I went in a single morning.  However, I can't seem to find the "modify" button on my earlier posts.

Hey Heavy G,
Thanks for checking it out.  :)  It's definitely a work in progress.  I'll definitely be adding sections on all basic types of firearms.  Next will be Shotguns, then Working firearms like hunting centerfires and .22s for harvesting game.  Then I'll do special purpose tools like non-hunting-optimized .22s, airguns, slingshots, bows, crossbows, single-shot shotguns for caching/trading, airsoft for training, and other special-niche items.  Once I've completed everything, I'm hoping to go back and do some editing and rework it as a manuscript to make it available as a PDF book (or even through Lulu) if Jack or another survival/prep-oriented site is willing to host it. :)
Thanks again,
Whatz Hizname :)

If you'd like a little help with handguns, I'd be honored to assist.  I do know my way around a pistol pretty well (or am a handgun snob, depending on whom you ask :) ).


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