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My wife & I make out own window cleaner

In a spray bottle, the 30-40 oz size,  (in this order so you do not get suds) fill it up 90% - 95% with water, add a cap full of ammonia, and 3 drops of liquid dish soap.  shake & you are done.

This is the same as the big guys make except they add blue coloring also.

And if you use old newspaper on the windows they look better than if you used paper towels.

Hope this helps


I was told by a guy with show cars that 1/2 vinigar and 1/2 water solution, applied with newspaper will make the glass look invisible.


--- Quote from: djturnz on January 05, 2009, 07:30:20 AM ---I was told by a guy with show cars that 1/2 vinigar and 1/2 water solution, applied with newspaper will make the glass look invisible.
--- End quote ---
It really does! I have used this for years. Although I have to say I got a little sick of the vinegar smell in the living room so I use biodegradable cleanser in there instead. If you want a laugh check out the organic glass and surface cleaner they sell at the big box hardware stores, it is that exact recipe except at $5 a liter.
I make my own toothpaste and dentifrice, body and foot powder, dry shampoo (for camping mostly) but have never attempted my own shampoo or body wash. I have made my own soap in the past but I am pretty sure I have forgotten the particulars.

Toothpaste Recipe:
3/4c Baking Soda
1/4c Non-Iodized Table Salt (I like to mill mine down a little to make smaller rock crystals but YMMV)
2.5tbsp Vegetable Glycerin (use 3 if needed, I like it a little gloppy)
10 drops Tea Tree EO
10 drops Thyme EO
20 drops Peppermint EO
Water as needed

Combine all dry ingredients in a glass bowl, combine all wet ingredients in a smaller bowl and slowly combine the wet into the dry, make sure the glycerin mixture is well incorporated before sprinkling water to moisten the batch into a paste. You can go through the trouble of refilling empty toothpaste tubes if you please but I just place it in a small glass jar with a secure lid right in the medicine cabinet. A batch will last you months and months since a little goes a long way. I have also added Stevia drops to some batches with some success but unless you get it cheap it is too costly to use in this recipe. When purchased in bulk this costs me about 35c a batch, which is just over a cup and right about what a large tube of toothpaste holds (8.5oz approx. for the batch to 8oz the average large commercial tube) although costs fluctuates with the essential oils (EO) you use. Also, if you like spicy toothpaste I do not recommend using cinnamon oil, use some clove oil and a touch of freshly grated nutmeg instead, the cinnamon will irritate your gums since you are literally brushing it in.

You can get creative with the flavoring so long as it is safe for human consumption. Lavender and chamomile, wintergreen and spearmint, ginger and lime, the possibilities are endless! Never apply or ingest EOs directly unless you know what you are doing. Oh and be sure to check OraMedia on Dental Self-Care and Sufficiency, that is where I got started.

Here's a scary one:

Toilet paper.


--- Quote from: OJ on April 07, 2009, 08:56:05 PM ---Here's a scary one:

Toilet paper.

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Thats easy- The Cat.


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