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Security Lighting for Tiny Off Grid Cabin/Shack?

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These put out as much light as a 250-300 watt halogen on 30 watts.  I bought a couple to be work lights so I could use my little Honda generator at night--it could run regular floodlights OR tools, now it can run both! 

D'oh!  Or even simpler than the motion detector with a relay, a motion detector that can handle higher amperage:

And it's even cheaper than the other motion detector!

There's also a whole host of battery operated options (you can look in the related items to start you on your search, but this light has 300 lumens, which is quite impressive for being wireless).

I bought two solar pathway lights that are always on dim, but when you approach they get very bright (I'd guess 100 lumens) for their size.  I liked them so much I bought two more.  They were worth the $22 when I bought my second set, now they're only $14!

I'd like to recommend a Streamlight waypoint. The new version with 550 lumens that runs on C-Batts and can run on 12vdc with the lighter plug as a backup light.
for a couple of reasons

it runs on 12vdc indefinitely so if you have a portable batter bank or jumpstarter with a lighter plug. you can save the batteries

has good throw 400+ yards plus

hand held and waterproof

you can run NIMH rechargeable c-cells no special battery pack

can use it in the car on the way in and out from the lighter plug

reasonable price 50-60 bucks

We use this style of motion detecting, solar charged lights peppered around our property:

They run about $10 each and you just hang them in areas with exposure to sun.  Together they act as a sort of zone alarm shining up areas with movement.   I don't like lights which are so powerful that they destroy night vision so this approach of smaller lights work well for me.   If I want to investigate one coming on I light up the area with a laser genetics designator either handheld or mounted on one of my firearms like these videos show:


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