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What Did You Harvest Today?

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Crookneck and straight neck squash is just about done. 15 or so quart freezer bags put up over the last month. Zucchini are still producing as quickly as we can eat and give away.  Cucumbers are slowing down but still producing. 16 pints of pickles and relish plus all the fresh cucumbers we can eat. Getting about 3-4 tomatoes/day. Doesn't look like we'll have enough to can this year. We ate the last of our 2 cantaloupe this weekend. The bush green beans are just started. Had our first meal with them sunday. Hope to get enough over the next month to put up a dozen or so quart jars. There's about 4 or 5 watermelons still ripening as well as butternut squash. Peppers, okra, and corn did not do well.

The garden is 5 raised beds 4'x8'x2' and occupies an area of about 30'x30'. One bed was done as a hugel mound and has been very happy. Compose comes from our horse barn. Neem Oil and diatomaceous earth for pest control. Fish emulsion and water from the aquaponics system for fertilizer.

Had a pretty nice haul from our little garden the other day (My favorite are the figs - i LOVE those things!!!)


Some apples from our property and mushrooms from the woods.

Are those parasols on the right?


Yes. Very good for frying. Their legs are sort of tough to chew in a meal so we usually left them behind, but just recently heard from my aunt that she dries them and grinds to powder. Uses that powder for soups and stews, says it's very good. I'm just drying these to check it out.


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