Author Topic: WARNING! Mistake in 2010 Hodgon Annual Manual  (Read 14721 times)

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WARNING! Mistake in 2010 Hodgon Annual Manual
« on: March 09, 2010, 08:42:37 AM »
WARNING!  Mistake in 2010 Hodgon Annual Manual

Apparently data is innacurate on the 7mm Rem. Mag, 7mm Weatherby Mag, and 7mm STW.

Correct data is available from

This info is courtesy of Guy Neill.

Be safe, and always work a load up!

(maybe this should be a sticky?)

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Re: WARNING! Mistake in 2010 Hodgon Annual Manual
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2010, 08:02:09 PM »
Temporarily stuck pending me looking into it some more.

edit: It would seem if one was not careful some of the 7mm information might be confused since the pages were backwards.

From Hodgdon's website:

Chris Hodgdon
Hodgdon-The Gun Powder People
Phone:               913-362-9455         913-362-9455 ext 120
Fax: 913-362-1307
Hodgdon Powder Company – the Gunpowder People, regret that an error occurred in printing of the 2010 version of the Hodgdon Annual Manual.  Pages 108 and 109 in the manual appear in reverse order.
Contact Hodgdon Powder Company ( for a free reprint of pages 108-109.  
Do not use the 7mm caliber data as it appears in the 2010 Hodgdon Annual Manual until the corrected copy is received.
All Hodgdon, IMR®, and Winchester® reload data is also available on-line in the Reloading Data Center.

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