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My doorbell rang at 1AM this morning

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David in MN:
That sucks Binky. I've had to do that before and in my case I'm lucky that I had a shotgun and the Mrs. had a revolver. But going to combat mode at 1 am is really the skids.

I hate to be the a$$hole because it sounds like you did well given a garbage hand but did you check 6 and verify the guy at the front door wasn't a decoy for the real troublemaker at the back? I hate to say such things but I am blessed with a firearm enthusiast wife and we have our zones of coverage.

We've also had a talk about mandating mom and dad holster guns while awake. We have some kooky neighbors with rap sheets and questionable friends. I'm with Chem. Things are squirrelly right now.

The Mrs. and I are strapped whenever we are wearing pants, and we are trying to "dress for the day" at a reasonable hour of the morning and stay that way.

I have also started carrying while jogging (started two days ago or so).

I don't think I need it yet, but it would be pretty dumb to get caught out unarmed in these circumstances having been a gun nut for this long.

Morning Sunshine:

--- Quote from: David in MN on March 29, 2020, 01:36:21 PM --- Things are squirrelly right now.

--- End quote ---

I live on a private dead-end road, 7 houses.  Today I was surprised to see an unfamiliar car going down the mountain.  Not surprised that it was unfamiliar, but surprised that I have not seen any traffic on our road for a few days.

definitely squirrelly times


--- Quote from: Chemsoldier on March 29, 2020, 01:14:48 PM ---People are squirrelly these days.

I have started looking harder at my neighborhood than before, and I am seeing more of it at different times than previously.  So maybe its just different eyes on my part. 

--- End quote ---
With the COVID-19 closings, that puts me at home at different times than normal.  I'm on a long driveway with just 4 other houses, but one neighbor has other people renting rooms from him.  I'm seeing these different cars driving up the driveway lately and I know which house they go to.  My daughter let me know that the 1 truck has been driving very slowly up the driveway when she's outside.  Granted, he drives slowly up the driveway all the time, but it's a bit creepy when your daughter tells you that she doesn't trust a certain person.

I'm ensuring that she's locking the doors when home alone.  I'm shopping for cameras and other security devices for the house.  Living in the mid-Atlantic, it is pushed into the kids that guns are bad.  While she does not think this, I can't get her to go to the range with me.

I appreciate all the input and feedback. David, not being a donkey at all, I appreciate you asking about that, because I did not check the back. We keep the curtains closed and my dog stayed by the front door so I guess (in retrospect) that I operated off his signals and focused on the front. When the guy drove off no one else got in the car and nothing was amiss this AM when I was out doing yard work.

I did get the plate when the vehicle drove off. We thought we saw the car parked down the road today on our walk but the plates didn't match.

What this has really done is made me realize I'd like a second weapon as a backup for my wife (sold all my long guns last year for reasons). My views over the last couple years of my hiatus from here have changed a lot, which is one of the reasons I sold my long guns. I'm still very much pro firearm but I'm not sure if I want to go back down the AR route or look into just getting a reliable 12 GA.


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