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The Window is about to CLOSE. Get your guns and ammo NOW.

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David in MN:
I don't know why you guys are having such problems. I self-identify as a Mexican Drug Cartel and the ATF ships me guns on the regular.

Wow Prof, now I feel so lucky that I did not lose my tactical Red Ryder bb gun.  It doe not quite rock the suppressor you lost but it can almost punch a hole in a Styrofoam cup at 10 feet.  I have just enough S&H green stamps for a crossman 10 pump pellet gun. 

I will have to check local laws to make sure that I can have more than 2 tins of ammo without notifying hazmat of my ammo fort.  I do have my  Proposition 65 warning sign out on the house, so I should be covered.


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