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What kind of boots do you recommend?

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I have a pair of schnee's pack boots thoare great for fall hunting in NW Ohio, but could be warmer in the winter!  Waterproof and rebuildable for a possibly reasonable price... Everything else they sell, that's another story!


I saw this article on winter boots .. The best boots will not be the cheapest ..
I like Salamon boots and ASOLO boots. I think keene boots are good too

The ones that fit you best is really the ONLY answer.  Each brand will have a specific last that they use.  Not all are equal or shaped the same.  One must find one that fits the shape of their foot. 

I've had many pairs of boots that I really like:  Merrel, Vasque, Danner, North Face (winter boots), Keen.  Keen makes a lightweight, waterproof boot they call a "workboot."  Might be something to look at.

I like Keen and Danner for work boots. Keen typically has the lighter more flexible sole (EVA or similar foam style as in running shoes).  I have the Detroit model for a light summer work shoe, but it is not all leather, so it is not good for snow or very cold conditions.  The Pittsburg model is a bit more robust and both come in plain toe or safety toe.

The Danners I have are the 6" Corvalis which is a medium weight boot with Goretex liner and is great for most work in all but the worst conditions.  My heavy boot is the 8" Quarry model which is thick all-leather and very robust.  I use it for snow and working with rock and timber.  Great ankle support. Both have safety toes although they might be available with plain toe as well.  The Rain Forest model is even more sturdy for professional work in the woods (short of caulks--pronounced as "corks").  These all have heavy welted soles that are stiffer than the EVA ones in the Keen models which are overkill for working around the house, but welcome in protecting your feet amongst rocks and heavy wood.  I think all Danner models above $250 or so are USA made, wheres lower priced models are made in China, etc like most boot brands.

I have had these boots for 5-10 years and they are holding up well.  I haven't needed the Quarry boots for a while so they are in great shape.  The Corvalis and Detroit boots get daily wear and abuse (mud, job site, yard work, firewood) and they are still in good shape.  The Detroit soles are starting to get nicks in them as it is a softer sole than the heavier Corvalis.  Sharp broken rocks, metal edges, etc can cut up fabric boots quickly, but good leather will withstand those working boot cuts much, much better.

For year-round use in one boot (not including snow) you might look at the Danner Corvalis or Keen Pittsburg. There are plenty of other good boot brands as well.  I have Solomon trail shoes that are fantastic so I imagine their boots are excellent as well.

I'm gonna also recommend KEEN. I have a wide toe but a regular fit everywhere else, so the asymmetrical fit of them suits my feet better than any other shoe. I bought a pair of their safety-toe shoes when I was working in a woodshop, and they were excellent. Comfortable and held up to a substantial beating. I've found the same to be true of their other shoes as well. I'll confess though, my main hiking shoes are Columbia, only because they were on clearance and happened to fit nicely. When those wear out, I'll be going with KEEN for sure.

Though I also agree with Fyrediver, whatever shoe fits your particular foot the best is the best choice. Be picky, and try on lots of different pairs.


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