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What kind of boots do you recommend?

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Although they are above the ankle I have fallen in love with my Meindl Denalis.   On my feet all day (6-8 hours) @330 lbs and I have eliminated most of my related foot and back pain.   Easy to spray off the mud.   They don't get gunked up with mud in the tread.  Fantastic fit with the memory foam inside.   I switch back and forth with my steal toe Bates GX-8's only when OSHA requires as they feel like...combat boots.

CPT Morgan:

--- Quote from: xxdabroxx on September 13, 2016, 03:04:07 PM ---I've got a pair of Lowa boots I've been pretty happy with.  I use them for everything from hiking, to hunting, to yard work.  Mine are not waterproof though, I prefer a more breathable boot for day to day.
--- End quote ---

^^^^^ Tend to be easier to break-in, last longer than most, and are comfortable.  Have had good luck with Crispi's too.

I bought my first set of decent boots about 7 months ago, RedWing 218 Loggers. They are great and the first boots I've worn where my feet don't hurt when I get home. I don't think they are going to last though. I've already got cuts and gouges on the toe of the right one. They've opened up and are just getting worse as time goes on.

One of these days I'm just going to break down and get a custom pair of boots made.


--- Quote from: survivor on January 14, 2017, 03:54:32 PM --- and ASOLO boots.

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I used to love that brand, but after four pairs, they just don't last on my feet... The rubberized inter sole material dissentigrated in less than a year during one summer of manual labor!

From doing farm work daily, I chose three pairs.

 North Face hiking boots. I like them as they put up with my abuse. Acid soils/mud, and don't fall apart, they were my main boot for work, and I still wore them recreationally. After seven years of almost daily a use, I finally had to replace the. As the sole was thinning and starting to fall apart. The uppers are still in good shape. Not knowing I was getting the same pair, north face was pretty excited when they saw my old pair. The new pair is water resistant, and still get worn for my job daily.

Muck boots. $100+ a pair, but worth it.  Get insulated ones. I also wear them when I am working bees.

Sorrels winter boots. I got a little taller than hiking boots ones. For many years I ran sled dogs with these and did farm work. The only thing wrong with them, after thousands of documented miles, right where your heel bends, I wore out that spot on both boots. The rest of them are fine.



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