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Thanks for the great replies.

This will be in New Zealand so not many predators at all.

David in MN:
Are there indigenous peoples with unique skill sets to learn from? Kids in the states love learning skills based on Native American life. My whole generation made dreamcatchers and learned native hunting and cooking skills.

From what I've seen of New Zealand you've got some wonderful geography (jealous flat-lander here). A basic orienteering course requiring teams to photograph marked areas on a map would be fun.

Snare building. It sounds silly but if you teach a basic trap and then have teams compete to make their own some get really into it.

Injury drills. Have teams compete to carry a "wounded" teammate.

Great ideas.

Thinking  of assigning to each his person.

I feel having an 11 year old navigate by map and compass could help create a bit more adventure.

Definitely lucky to live in New Zealand. Often take the environment for granted. I drive past Lord of the Rings filming sites everyday and get annoyed by the traffic.

Alan Georges:
Without re-hashing what's already been suggested (at least, not too much), here's what comes to mind:

- A simulated medical emergency:  Improvising a splint for a "broken" leg, or even Ace bandaging a simulated sprain.  Bandaging.  How to use a tourniquet, and when not to.

- A communications exercise with the NZ equivalent of FRS radios.  Dirt cheap, 1/2 Watt, UHF, 1/4-mile range, license-free, it's all line-of-sight propagation.  Looks like NZ has something similar: wikipedia link.  Maybe setting up a relay man to provide comms over a ridge between two valleys, something like that.  That would involve teamwork, at least.

- Canoeing can be a pretty fun team activity.  A lot depends on the local waters, how the teams are arranged, etc.

- Geocaching (with GPS, rather than map & compass as you initially wrote) is always a crowd-pleaser.

I dunno after that.  After watching LOTR too damn many times, it's hard for me to get images of Middle Earth out of my mind when I think of rural NZ.  Maybe a Ringwraith SERE scenario would be taking things too far.

Thanks. We are starting our hike at Rivendell.


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