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Bushclass USA from the Bushcraft USA forum. Great challenges and ideas for an event like this.

Example taken from that forum:
1.   Feather Sticks and Shavings
2.   5 Man-made Tinders
3.   The Twig Fire
4.   Four Basic Bushcraft Knots
5.   Improvise a Cooking Implement from Metal
6.   Knife Sharpening
7.   2 Strand Twist with Man-Made Materials
8.   Braiding Man-Made Materials
9.   Set a Tarp Shelter
10. Make a Simple Snare
11. Tree Id and Uses
12. Cook Bannock with Fire
13. Make a Pot Hook
14. 5 Outings

I was just reading a book (fiction) where the characters got together for a night of fun.  The organizer kept it a secret but it turned out to be a photo challenge scavenger hunt.  That seemed like a bunch of fun.  I don't know what natural items are available in the NZ landscape, but something like, photo of Fred on hollow tree' or, 'Jill with animal bones', or, photo of team with large firewood pile - and put a time restriction on it, say by midnight.  The loosing team has to cook breakfast or something.

Everyone has cell phone cameras, and they don't need to have a signal for it to work.  That would help the younger generation use a familiar technology bridge to get in to the outdoor spirit thing.

Ever heard of a monkey bridge?

Tons of fun to build as a group, and tons of fun to cross for all ages!  Teaches team building, lashings, and hatchet work.


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