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First shotgun advice

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David in MN:
Buying any used gun I basically ensure that the action works, any safety works, the lockup is tight, no rust, no barrel or muzzle damage, and no visible problems. If you can, shoot it first.

I don't know much about police shotguns. I'd guess they don't get used too much. I can say my 870 express HD shotgun got the "police" trigger upgrade with all steel components.

The Freedom Group bought them in 2007. The Freedom Group owns Remington, DPMS, Marlin, Para, H and R, Bushmaster and other brands. The quality of all these brands has suffered under the Freedom Group.
There was a conspiracy theory that Bloomberg was behind it. He was going to buy them all and shut them all down, or make quality so bad they would go bankrupt.

I don't hunt waterfowl, but if that were my goal then I would buy either a Mossberg 835 or a Benelli super nova. I would not buy an 870 express unless it was dirt cheap and I could immediately flip it or trade it for something else. I grew up shooting 870 Wingmasters and they're at the top of my list for dove hunting, but mine are all older models. The 835 dad had was overly heavy and ill balanced IMO, but I suppose that extra weight would help dampen the recoil of 3.5" loads.

It takes a lot of use to actually wear out a gun. The main thing to look for when buying a used shotgun is bulges in the barrel, or a barrel that has been shortened. I've only seen bulged barrels on a couple of guns, one of which was a Belgian made A5 Browning Sweet Sixteen.  :'( The price was substantially reduced, but not enough when the price of a replacement barrel was considered. From what I have seen, a lot of guns are bought just before the season opens and then sold as soon as the season ends.

Sturla Snorrison:
Remington 870 Express Magnum. Only shotgun I have ever needed. Just my $.02

Something to consider is a shotgun lock:

I've got the pistol shotlock and think it's very well put together.  I know several of my co-workers have purchased the Shotgun shotlock and they're happy with it.

My suggestion is an 870 or 590.  Either are good shotguns, inexpensive, have LOTS of aftermarket parts and stuff to modify them, and have proven military and police histories.

Finally, consider as a spare ammo carrier.  You can carry many of the cards and the velcro will allow it to fit into the shotlock still. 


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