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good bolt action rifle (im in austraila its all i can get)

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With the restrictions in Australia, and the game you have, I would check into a bolt action rifle in .223. 

The Mossberg patrol rifle or the Ruger GSR would offer adequate power and range for most uses you specify as well as offering larger magazine capacity, easy optic attachment, good triggers and excellent accuracy.

I really like lever action 30.30's
It's plenty of gun to take hogs, and deer out to 200 meters or so.
A .22 would be a better choice for rabbits and squirrels.

A Browning BLR will get you a lever gun capable of handling a true bolt action round. I'd love one in .308.

All a rounders are difficult. Anything that works well on big game tends to be messy on small game. The 357 lever action previously mentioned is a decent possibility, a little light on the big end, a little heavy for the small end, but capable if kept conservative.

Much depends on what type of deer you may hunt. In the US, we think of our deer when answering this question, but the deer of Australia are much different. What deer are in your area?

Red deer are almost the size of our elk, and I would not use a 357 for hunting them, were as fallow deer are a lot like our whitetails, and the 357 can work at conservative ranges and with the right bullets.

I prefer lever actions over bolt guns, But I don't find a single cartridge I like when thinking of all Australian hunting possibilities. I would get a pistol caliber lever action, and cut my hunting teeth on smaller game, then down the road I would pick up a heavier lever action for big game if ranges are short, like 150m or less, or a bolt gun if ranges are much longer.

For a red deer and a lever action, just take your pick of 405 winchester, 444 marlin, 45-70, or 450 marlin.

If I were to go to AUS to hunt everything with leverguns, I would take a Rossi carbine in 45 colt, and my marlin guide gun 45-70. Cowbaoy action level loads for small rabbit type stuff, full power and +p loads for the middle ground, then switch to 45-70 for deer and ending with 45-70+p loads for buffalo.

I know an Australian firearms owner who uses them for hunting, target shooting and jackleg self-defense (less than ideal when you cant keep them loaded and ammo stored separately).  His go to for pigs and self-defense is a lever action 30-30.  He also owns a bolt gun for the target shooting angle and larger game.

He is seriously considering a Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle as an all around gun.  The caliber would allow larger game and it is nearly as light and short as a lever gun. 


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