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good bolt action rifle (im in austraila its all i can get)

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Sturla Snorrison:
Winchester Model 70 is an excellent accurate sportsman's rifle and comes in a variety of calibers, sounds like you would want to look at .270 and up maybe. I like .308 or .30-06 myself.

I also have a .303 Enfield that I like, though I haven't gotten my groups too tight with it yet.

I really want a BLR takedown 30-06, but quite a bit too much for small game, the 38/357 might be a decent compromise but there is no all around good for everything rifle

  My 260 Rem comes close with hand loads. If I could only hunt with one gun and ammo was not a concern then I would grab my 260 Rem. Model 7, any bullet weight and MR3100 powder. Four different bullet weights will print under an inch. ( But no factory loads )

What about a single shot like a Thompson Center?  My buddy has a pistol version with a few different barrels.  Seems like a pretty good option although not the best for self defense. 


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