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--- Quote from: Knecht on January 14, 2016, 08:35:34 AM --- but lately he's doing more like home-tinkering vids than survival.

--- End quote ---
considering the amount of stuff he has covered, his way of doing things, and his age, I'll give him a pass. Besides I always like to see what others in this sphere think we should know.

OK, there are definitely some guys out there that are more pros or with a lot more experience, but there was one guy I was following for a little while that Kinda had an interesting style and it was neat because you could tell he was a green and was learning some of it as he went, and I found that helpful because he would explain things in a way that wasn't over my head.

Four Directions Bushcraft
He introduced me to that wood. I've never heard of fatwood before.

As a disclaimer though he started making fatwood products, and then other products, and then for a while his channel became fairly commercialized. And that turned me off. I don't know if he has gotten past that, and done more skills and wilderness videos, or if the channel hasn't recovered. You're welcome to check it out and make your own decision.


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