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With the recent drop in prices of all things AR, I've considered building one. When I look online, I see completed lowers selling as low as 109 (NFA) and completed uppers around 400 (PSA). The upper includes a BCG and charging handle. Apart from a rear optic, is that all that is necessary to have a complete rifle? Is there any way to do it even cheaper?

I'd look local for something like a Spikes Tactical lower, if you want that part already done.   Changing out the furniture to Magpul if you wanted to, wouldn't be that hard just need a screw driver for one part. 

As far as the Upper if you're getting the complete upper it should come with Bolt Carrier Group, and Charging handle.  Your going to want, back up front and rear sights on it.  Again Magpul has those for a decent price.  Check PSA's website because they have continues deals on both lowers, lower part kits, and uppers.  As well as ammo and magazines.  I personally avoid a Poly lower if it was me.  IT just isn't worth the weight to go poly instead of metal... IMHO

Yea you can build fairly cheap if you want to, I built one for around $490, with complete stag lower for $140 and the complete upper w/bolt/carrier for $350, used the A2 stock so no after market sights are needed. I spent more on ammo & magazines in it than I did in the rifle. Has been functioning great, good shooter I can't complain

Under 500 would be outstanding. Where does a guy find an upper for $350? The cheapest lowers I've found are $400.

Since I could buy one as cheaply (currently $580 and I paid $570) as I could build one, I chose to buy one complete with a bumper to bumper warranty from a single manufacturer. . . .  I purchased a DPMS Panther Oracle 5.56 from Surplus Ammo two years ago next month and it has certainly met my expectations for quality, for a forged upper and lower.  I figured I could improve on components down the road, which I have, as I had funds to do so but its been a great shooter right out of the box.

I was charged $13 to get it shipped to my FFL and a $25 FFL fee, which you would probably be charged anyway for just a lower.

The few additions I made to it are:
· Trijicon TA11G ACOG Scope ($840)
· LaRue LT100 QD Tactical Mount ($125)
· Quad Rail Handguard ($40)
· AIM Sports FTG150 - Tactical Foregrip w/ Integral 150 Lumen Flashlight ($59)
· Troy M4 Folding Gas Block BattleSight w/ Tritium Insert - Front ($148)
· Matech 600 Meter Backup Sights – Rear ($68)
· Redi-Mag RM-15 II BCE QA ($82)
· Magpul B.A.D. Lever ($29)
· MI MCTAR-30 End Plate Sling Adapter ($39)
· Miculek Muzzle Brake ($38)
· Savvy Sniper Sling - Quad Dual QD w/ MS Attachment ($80)
· ATI Shotforce Buttpad - SBS4700 ($11)



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