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One rifle for rabbits and deer?

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Hello sorry if this has been answered a handful of times in the past.

I'm looking to buy a rifle. This would be the first firearm I would own, my goals are to be able to use it for small game and deer. Is that possible?

Do you need two different rifles typically to hunt rabbits and deer? I'm not looking for anything fancy just to get the job done without destroying the rabbit or not fatally wounding a deer.

Actually how can I get better educated about purchasing a rifle? I have listened to a couple of jacks shows on firearms and they are sadly still a bit over my head, also most of the discussions even in this firearms for beginners are above me.

Thanks for any advice or steering in any direction.

If I had to choose just one it would be a 12 gauge shotgun. Any rifle you choose will either be overkill for one or under powered for the other. 6 or 7 1/2 shot for the rabbit, slug for the deer.

I use a .22 Hornet for killing smaller stuff around our place.

Why one rifle?  Why not purchase two and buy the best suited for each?

Most will answer that question with "I don't have the funds to purchase two" but if that's the case you don't have the funds to learn to use a rifle.  If this is true for you, make friends with someone who hunts and let them shoot the animals.  Ask if you can join them and learn.

Sorry to be so candid and not really answer your question, but purchasing the rifle is the least of which that you need to consider and there's not really a good and quick answer to your question if it's all hard for you to comprehend at this time. . . .  I would start with finding a mentor and/or taking a class and worry about purchasing a rifle much later.

That said, ChrisFox had a good suggestion in the shotgun.  Good for many one-gun applications.

With your level of knowledge of the subject matter, I would find and take a hunters safety course.

As has already been said, a shotgun is your only option for a 1 gun solution. Even though plenty of deer have fallen to a 22 rimfire, it is illegal pretty much across the board.

Basically, if a rifle is legal to use for rabbit, it's not legal for deer, and if it's legal for deer, then it's not for rabbit. The shotgun is the only exception to this.

I highly suggest going to a friend, coworker, relative, or even a gun store and honestly telling them, "I know nothing about guns, but want to learn, can you help me?". I will pay attention to this thread, and will answer your questions as best I can, but being able to look, touch, and see will help your understanding

You might also consider an over/under kind  of  arrangement. Say a 22LR  over 12GA. 


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