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Which two tools would you take

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A question for curiosity sake. If you could only take two tools with you to survive in the wilderness, which two would they be?    For myself I would take a single shot 12 gauge rifle and a machete.

Jack Crabb:
Because . . . . ?

Why a single shot over an O/U or S/S or pump, etc?

Why a machete over a bowie or hawk, etc.?

I could shoot black powder or smokeless powder in the shotgun, could also saw off the barrel some if need be without ruining any rifling, single shot for dependability.

As far as the machete goes can do more with it than a straight knife.  I got the idea for this post from another site. The discussion was about third world tribes and how they survive and view their world. One thing I noticed was that they don't carry alot of stuff. While researching the native American tribes that lived in eastern Oregon I discovered that the women didn't carry their grinding bowls from place to place. They left them where they spent the summer, just turned them over so it looked like a rock in the ground to a passerby. Stuff like that.

When I am out practicing my bushcraft I try to get by on as few gadgets as possible, just for practice in thinking outside the box. IMHO

Stihl 044 and an axe. Something to cut and then split firewood, cause I don't like being cold.

That sounds good to me Bailey, you get a fire going and I'll bring in some deer lets see who could we find to bring the hot chocolate???


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