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BEWARE the Blue Rhino brand of Propane Tanks

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Times have changed.  Only a few years ago we could refil a 20# tank for about 5 or 6 bucks.  What a rip off!

$50 for a new Blue Rhino tank in Akron, Ohio.

Ugh....... I wanted to get a spare tank... Guess I'll have to shop around more.

John Bennett:
Wow!  That sucks.  I did not know this.  Thanks for the heads-up.

Don't fret.  If you've got an old tank, and want to replace the valve, or have a "proprietary type" and want to get it filled anywhere:, page 3305, partway down the page.  Sizes for 10-to 100lb tanks for under $22.  Industry standard stuff, not buy it here fill it here crap. Simple replacement as well.  Vent tank, install with thread sealant designed for propane, crank it down. 

If in doubt, consult a professional, your mileage may vary, product may settle during shipping, objects in mirror may be closer than they appear......


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