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For those in the New Boston, Texarkana, Atlanta areas, a friend of mine is teaching a beginning bee keeping class at the Maud library, this Tuesday @7.

Small town, old library had the roof cave in and they fixed up an old church for the new library.  Since they've brought in classes teaching many skills such as cast iron cooking, quilting, starting seedlings, on going free Taekwondo class and now beekeeping.  It'd be great to see more communities doing similar stuff.


How was the event?  We have just moved to the Dallas area and are interested in learning more about bee keeping. Is there another event planned? 



Shane -

I've got two hives that I started in May. They seem to be thriving. I don't know the first thing about it, so I'm not really the guy to be giving lessons about bee keeping. I just jumped in, head first.

Nevertheless, if you, or anyone wants to come look at some hives, we can sure pull the lid off and watch the busy little rascals.

Already got my first (small) batch of honey!! Dee-lish!

Sounds awesome TX_Floods!  Great job!

I don't know when there will be another one here, the guy teaching is a good friend of mine, but has ms and his health is getting worse.  It would be easier to find beekeepers in your area.  I do like how the library is encouraging teaching, sharing of info this way. earlier this month they had an Vehicle Maintenance made easy  class. 


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