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Zevro Perfetto Pasta Cooker


Has anyone ever used one of these?

Zevro Perfetto Pasta Cooker

I was just thinking about it.  In my situation, I only have electric cooking appliances, so I'm thinking of buying a canned propane burner.  This thing claims bringing 1 liter of water to boiling as the requirement to cook two servings of pasta.  That sounds like a good deal to me in my situation.  Any reviews from actual users?

I've seen this or similar models advertised on late night infomercials. Like you, I've never seen a real review of the item. But you have to remember it really doesn't do anything other then cook pasta (I try and stay away from one trick ponies). When you get your stove just bring a normal pot of water to boil on it and make some noodles on it versus the stove and see what kind of time difference it is. This device you just add you pasta (any type) add hot water and let it set. The same thing could be done with a bread pan or a tall drinking cup (just stick a lid on it). Experiment a little and see if you cant use something you have to replicate this, if not then grab one of these and go for it.

I've used a Stanley thermos for "cooking" pasta many times. It works pretty well.
Basically that is all those unitaskers are.... And Alton Brown and I both dislike unitaskers...

I have something similar that my MIL gave me because she wasn't using it.  I've had it a year or so & never used it myself.  It's sitting on top of the fridge, where it'll probably be next year. ::)


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