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Greatland Hand Crank Lantern - Definitely a Tumbs Up

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A few weeks ago we were at target, of course I snuck off to the limited but interesting sporting goods area.  Found and picked up this,

Crank it for 60 seconds and you get 20 minutes of light.  I cranked it for 3 minutes and got 30 minutes of reading time, got tired shut it off.  Turned it on two days later and still got another 15.

It also has a built in radio (just FM and AM no SW) that will let you get some info it other sources are down.  One nice addition is a ear piece plug so you could listen with out others hearing if you needed to.  I found it well built with a good solid crank that should not break unless abused.  Excellent back up lighting source and I use it at night to read by so that my wife can sleep with out to much light in the room.  All in all I recommend it highly.

At a price of 19.95 this is one solid value.

Note - The wifes "pretty red trivet and my blackberry not included,  ;)

Nice find Jack! I have some windup lights I need to write up a review on and post, I'm rather disappointed with their quality.

I might need to take a trip to Target then. All of the crank lights I have seen at Wal-mart look like they wouldn't hold up too well. I will definitely look into it if I go by there soon.

I picked up a small flashlight at Academy that hand cranks, small about the size of a key chain remote.  Seemed cool on the third crank session the handle snaped off the crank.  It still "works" but that sucked.  This one even feels of good quality, it has a rubberized smooth feel to it, it isn't rubber armored (which would be ideal) but it is about the best built I have found so far.

I got the same style lantern at wally world at beginning of hurricane season.  My son loves it.  Great product for a 4 year old.  keeps real interested in how it works or why it works.  My son wanted a screwdriver to take it apart and "fix" it.


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