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Maxpedition FATBOY as an EDC...


I have a Messenger/Laptop bag for my weekday carry bag, but I am looking for something to use on the weekends. It would be nice if it could hold a backup gun, flashlight, small FAK, etc. Is the Fatboy too small for that?

Also if I plan to carry my primary on my right side I am thinking I should get a bag that goes to the left side of my body as not block access to my primary.

Any thoughts?

-- Jeremy

I love my Fatboy. My primary is an XD-40 Service and sometimes I use my Fatboy for CCW during the summer. If I carried a 5" 1911 I would not be able to use the Fatboy at all the Service seems to be it's max for this. Plus there is tons of room for more stuff. I will have to take a picture of everything I keep in my Fatboy.

Hope that helped.

Yes, thanks! I think I am going to order one.

-- Jeremy


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