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Dan Holiday:
Anyone from Georgia?  I live in west cobb county.

Down in South Georgia, around the Douglas area. We are hosting a public meet and greet and campout the weekend of the 14th through the 16th of November at a state park down here. It's the 5th year we have held this campout and there is usually 30-40 folks from around the southeast in attendance. There's also classes, a barter session and plenty of good cooking!

If anyone needs more info let me know.


North Georgia, Gainesville region here. First post  :)

Cherokee County here. Look forward to getting to know everyone.

We just had an awesome campout here in S. Georgia. Folks from several survival forums attended (36 in all). Plenty of good food, fun and fellowship. In addition there was FREE classes on tracking skills including counter tracking skills, a class on woods observation skills and others.

Weather wasn't great, rained from Friday at noon till Saturday morning, then sprinkled a couple times on Saturday. Saturday night the temp dropped into the low 40's.

But it gave people a chance to really test there gear if they had not already done so. Inclement weather is the best chance to test gear and skills. Even with all the bad weather, attitudes were GREAT and everyone pitched in and helped with the cooking and cleanup of meals, etc. This is the 6th public campout we have hosted at that state park and they just keep getting better and better.



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