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RK Sponsoring Preppoer Shows, anyone attend one yet


We are trying to find out more information on RK Prepper shows, has anyone attend one? They have two relatively close to us, one scheduled Middle of May In Sevierville TN and another in middle of July in Huntsville AL. My company has exhibited at a couple of Prepper shows sponsored by other outfits with mixed results. I know RK has been successful with their gun shows, we did well in the past at one's in Nashville and Murfreesboro, (and their gun show table rental is way cheaper for vendors to exhibit at than the Prepper Show??). I'm just trying to gauge their advertising and past attendance or past vendors impression to make a decision on whether to take a chance or not.

Thanks in Advance.


I just saw this and will tell you I went to one in Columbia, SC this year. One thing I will say is at that one they were NOT CCW friendly. Walking through the gate was a huge No Weapons sign. At the front door there was another hand made sign advising this was Not A Gun Show, No Guns Allowed. At the front desk was another sign saying the same thing. My brother in law had driven up from GA and I had driven down from NC to attend. If we hadn't travelled the 2 1/2 hours to go, I would have turned around and went home.

The show itself was pretty small, maybe 25 vendors. The classes were pretty good, I got to meet Doc Bones and Nurse Amy as well as Eve Gonzales. Meeting Nurse Amy made it well worth it. We talked with her for almost 45 mins. She is kind and super funny. All in all, the show left a bad taste in my mouth just for the no weapons thing.

Thanks for the feed back, that was my concern that it would be that few vendors. Do you know if that one was sponsored by RK or someone else?

I went to one in Raleigh, NC a few months back. It was held in a pavilion at the State Fairgrounds.  Like the one in Columbia mentioned by jhull87, there were no firearms allowed, but I chalked this up to the law here in NC about no firearms allowed on the state fairgrounds property.  There were a few vendors, about 20-25 and they had some good information.  I'd say if you have the time and gas to spend, check it out.  I don't know if I'd go out of my way again to visit, unless the classes were someone I was really interested in, but then, it's only a 45 min drive for me.

Good Luck!


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