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Things to do on Florida vacation

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Hey guys! We’re going on a vacation to Florida in April and have a few extra days to fill with activities. We have two kids under 5 and are curious if there’s any permaculture or other educational activities for them in central florida (within an hour or two of orlando) you’d suggest. You know, the kinda stuff my wife hasn’t already found on the tourism websites. Just let me know, thanks!

Oil Lady:
1) Right in the Kissimmee area is a place called Old Town. Tourist trap artificially designed to mimic an old fashioned Main Street USA of about 6 small city blocks of shops and lovely urban architecture, circa 1950's. Nifty place.

2) In the tiny little town of Lake Wales you will find a truly beautiful botanical garden atop the ONLY HILL IN ALL OF PENINSULAR FLORIDA. Called Bok Tower Gardens, the garden was constructed back in the 1920's. Quiet, peaceful beautiful, and you actually have a lovely view of rural Florida while on the hilltop. Also somewhat educational because they give you a scientific slide show in the visitor's center explaining about the uniqueness of that one and only hill found there in an otherwise flat-as-flat-can-be region. The crowning jewel of the garden is an art deco-ish (or neo-gothic or whatever) stone tower with carillon chimes which play bell tower concerts on given days.

We live in Central Florida, so if you're up for lunch or something, we'd like to say hello.  Big Small Farm is in Bushnell, FL.  It is a permaculture incubator farm (teaching permaculturists how to create profitable permaculture farm).  I haven't talked to the manager recently, but I know they do tours and classes from time to time.

If you have a chance to go on an airboat ride to see alligators that was really cool

A Green Deane Class if he is having one close enough while you are there.

He would be a great show guest.


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