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New to Florida, struggling with mold. Ideas?

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+1 regarding the AC—it is not just for your comfort in Florida. It's why so many storage companies promote their "air-conditioned storage space."

Where I work, we have to keep the AC on even in unused buildings to prevent mold. Not too cold or that can cause additional condensation problems.

Also, some AC units have fan speed adjustments. You may need to slow it down. If the fan runs too fast it won't pull the humidity out of the air.

Lastly, you may need to find the source of mold. I can't offer much advice on that. You may need a professional, but do your research, there are a lot of "mold removal specialists" that pop up over night so be careful not to get taken.

And welcome the South Florida area!

Thanks all for the great advice and welcome to Florida!

For some more specifics, I am in a two bedroom apartment.  It has a thin berber in each bedroom, but the rest of the house has tile.  Most of the things I have noticed mold on are on the shelf in the closest. But I have some shoes on the floor itself.

It has been better lately as I have used the air more.  But ever since I had one of my favorite bags ruined, I've been extra sensitive to it.

I will see what tubs I can get that fit in my apartment.  And try running some fans more along with the ac.  And i will definitely try to keep the closets open more. (I usually like to keep them closed)

Thanks all!

If you are having particular problems in just one closet you may need to thoroughly clean the closet walls and shelf to kill any mold spores.  If it were me,  I would removed everything in the closet and clean/launder it.  Wipe down the closet door, walls and shelves with a mold killing solution designed for the use, and put a fan to the empty closet to dry it out well before placing your cleaned items back into it.

We lived in FL for a couple of years a long while ago... all our closets were specifically the wire-type shelves that allowed air flow to prevent mold... this might help you. We also had the A/C running and had extra vents in the closets to help with this. For an existing home, it wouldn't be feasible to add the air vents, of course, but at least keeping doors open and adding fans may help. Perhaps even in a rental you might find it worth it to replace any solid shelves with the wire type.


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