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New to Florida, struggling with mold. Ideas?

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I moved to the Fort Launderdale area a year ago from Minnesota.  Love it here.  Enjoy the warmth, the beach, the restaurants, and more.

One thing I've been struggling with the fighting mold.  I find that anything sitting at the back of my closet unused for a couple months starts to get mold on it.

So far, I have tried occasionally using a dehumidifier.  I usually try to keep the air conditioning off unless I can't stand it.  But to try and prevent mold, I have been using it a little more.

Any better ideas from veteran Floridians?

Does your home have central air for the air conditioning?  Is it a "window shaker" type instead?  Basically, you need constant dry air moving through your home.  It doesn't have to necessarily be cold A/C air, as long as it is dry.  That air needs to get all through your house, even into the back of your closet.

You may have noticed that most homes with central air handlers or forced air usually have doors (the ones that are inside the home) that maintain a small gap between the bottom of the door and the floor.  That includes closet doors.  The gap is to allow air to flow into and out of the room/closet/etc.

Alternatively, older Floridian homes keep the mold at bay by moving the air with fans.  Hope this helps with your mold issues!  Best of luck from Central Florida.

Keep your closet doors open as much as possible to promote air flow
Keep stuff off the floor if possible or put them in tubs


Huh, I've lived in Florida all of my life and never had an issue with mold. Although you're on the other side of FL and very south of where I live. I'd definitely agree with keeping things off of the ground, is your floor carpeted?

If the ac is not on your going to have mold issues in that climate. A dehumidifier won't do a good job on a multi room house/space.
Like cedar said make sure all your doors have an inch of space on the bottom to allow air flow.

You can trim the doors easily by taking them out side clamping a board across it to use as a straight edge the run a circular saw across.
You can put masking tape on both sides were your going to cut to prevent chipping.
This assuming your doors are wood or a wood like substance.


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