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NC... Whats your geographic risk assessment?

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Just listened to a recent podcast where Jack talked about doing a risk assessment. I know our personal stuff will be different and geographically different depending on what part of the state your in but are you worried about?

I'm from southeastern NC, so pretty low and coastal. My husband and I bought our first house a few years ago and during the search, I was focused on risk, while he was focused on getting a garage...
The main things I was concerned about was hurricanes and storm surge, and nuclear fallout from one of the many plants that could be damaged nearby.
In the last few years we seem to be seeing more tornadoes, and with the water table being too high for an underground shelter, it' been giving me more to think about...

Here in Small town Central Easter Ohio we have assessed the following as our primary geographic concerns. (Not ranked in order)
a)  Flood,  we are near the continental divide (along the Akron line) but the local stream has a habit of shutting off access to town on at least 3 sides once ever year or two, and that can isolate a section of the city from first responders and make getting to next level of care slower.
b) Tornado (Had one just north of us in July)
c) Train wreck (As I sit watching the train go by on my way to or from work I write down the DOT placard numbers and them look them up (Dangous Goods App for Android).  This is an eye opener.)
d) Power outage due to storms
e) Drought  Being on the divide puts us in a spot that water runs from and that reduces the duration of a flood but also make us the first effected by a lack of rain fall.  We can not get a lot of help form those up hill from us in the from or run off passing by.
f) crippling snowfall
g) Extended cold especially if coupled with an ice or snow storm.


Central NC... Triangle area.  Some areas subject to flooding, but not near our house.  Only 10 miles from Nuke plant, so this is a potential worry.  Tornadoes have been through the area (One that hit in Raleigh a few years back skipped right over our house).  Social risks worry me more than geographic risks.


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