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Anyone live in, or around Austin TX?

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--- Quote from: OutWestTX on December 06, 2013, 09:36:20 AM ---No, everyone must experience 6th Street at least once!   ;D

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If you'll be commuting, remember that Austin has the light rail now that runs from Leander to downtown. Would be cheaper and less headache than fighting traffic every day. I've ridden it once and it's very nice. Even has free wi-fi, and you can store your bike onboard. If I had a downtown office job I would love the time to just check email, read, or unwind.
It is a very hot real estate market here right now all around Austin in residential and commercial.

As for the weird, when in Austin and seeing the Obama stickers, funky Bob Marley hairstyles, and purple houses just have to shake my head and smile. There are lots of libertarians around also I believe they just stay on the outskirts of town.

Austin is overall very liberal compared to the rest of Texas.

After all, it is the state capital, therefore lots of government workers. It is also home of the University of Texas, so lots of students and professors.

If you end up in Austin, be sure to check out the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.


--- Quote from: Beetlebum on December 06, 2013, 12:42:05 PM ---I take it you see Austin as a zit. I am curious what you think I will see there that requires disassociation of accountability. I have lived in TX before, just not that area or any of the large cities for that matter. I'm not going in completely blind of what TX is. How is it a little California? Do you mean in financial/regulatory/political/people can't drive in snow sense?

I find the dichotomy between opinions of Austin really interesting. People seem to be really proud of being "weird"  or want nothing to do with the place. I'm hoping to find people who don't subscribe to the Left/Right paradigm. I've seen several things that make me think I will find this but many people seem to think Austin is forever lost to the Left. This leads me to wonder, is this a relative Left compared to TX or to the rest of the nation? Maybe "weird" means they don't subscribe to the typical paradigms?

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The comment was both literal and figurative.

Many of the people living in Austin share the socialist control freak ideals California is known for.  And our Bilderberger governor touts how many jobs he has stolen from California as a good thing.  Well, many of those California companies moving to Texas are bringing their employees along for the ride.  These people generally act and vote like they did out west.

Libertarian values are good, they generally don't work to impose their values (or bills to pay for them) on others.  Austin proper used to be that way decades ago.  Now you have to be out of town to enjoy freedom.

I do know a libertarian that lives just inside Williamson County.  He gets hassled a bunch, and isn't impressed with the jail Concierge, either.


I have no complaints with all the weird people congregating in Austin.  The problem is that people in Austin seem to think more government is the answer to everything.  The people in the rest of Texas think that government is the PROBLEM!


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