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9 Cool Catalogs for Permaculture

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I have also had very good luck using Miller Nurseries. One order included a peach tree which was promptly planted but did not survive for whatever reason. Millers replaced the tree without the least bit of hassle.

I like Shumways.

I just received my first order from Horizon Herbs and after receiving orders from Richters and Miller nursery earlier this year, I can't compliment Horizon highly enough.  I can't say anything negative about Miller or Richter, but the care and attention to detail in the packaging of the plants and the health of the plants when received from Horizon was the best I've ever seen.  It's as if they care about the future of each plant and want to help it get off to the best start possible.

They have a great variety of seeds and started plants, shrubs and trees with the best variety of medicinal plants that I've found yet.  I discovered them via google, but really they should be on everybody's list.  If you're looking for it, they probably have seven varieties of what you're looking for that you never even knew existed.


When I click on the link for Raintree, I get an error page.
And the one for Adams keeps giving me a failure to connect to server message.


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