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How do you can your tomatoes?

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--- Quote from: Morning Sunshine on July 31, 2020, 06:14:11 PM ---I dry mine in slices and powder.  My husband does not like chunks of tomatoes in things

--- End quote ---
I guess that's in a dehydrator.  How do you powder them?  Just a food processor?

Morning Sunshine:
I use the blendtec

And the Excalibur

So tonight most of dinner was from the garden.  We had a quart of green beans that didn't seal and 2 of the spaghetti squash I harvested last week.  I didn't have time to make up a sauce, so that came from a jar.

But I found that the spaghetti squash was fully ripe, so I harvested a bunch more.  I also counted the squash still on the vine and there's at least 16 that have plenty of time to ripen.  There's also a couple more that might not have enough time.  We also have at least 8 pumpkins turning orange.  I'll probably be harvesting the first of them in a week or so.

The mandatory shot of the spaghetti squash harvest.  The striped type is what we ate tonight.

Wow! that is so great!

Wow, thought I was in the "Fritz's Garden thread


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