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Do you ever think about the smell of food cooking?

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i live very close to my neighbor and we often smell each other's grills when we're cooking out.

I started thinking...if the shtf and you are cooking, won't others smell it and come looking?  I mean bread baking is my favorite smell in the world.  The smell of meat carries a long way.

What are your thoughts on this?  And if you have thought about it, what are you doing about it?

You can do several things, post a guard while cooking, use only food already cooked or freeze dried, or kill everyone in your neighborhood.  :o

Morning Sunshine:
supposedly a solar oven does not send food smells.  I cannot be sure - I need to break mine out this summer and get to work on experimenting again.

Yes I do.  That's one reason I have a mixture of hot and cold meals in my GHB and house stores.  That and I want options that don't require heat if it's already hot out. 

I thin we have enough dry food that we can either just eat from the can, or soak in warm water if we have to. Surely soaking in water won't put off BBQ type strength smells.....


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