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Sister Wolf:

--- Quote from: Hare of Caerbannog on May 11, 2010, 10:43:00 AM ---Thanks Sis, I'll do that.
Watch out Java, here I come...

--- End quote ---

Seriously though, if worse comes to worse, PM me and tell me what you want.  I'll pay for it with the TSP Gear Shop and set your addy as the shipping addy, and you can paypal us the money.

SisWolf - Thanks for the tech support help!  we will have to put you on payroll over here. 

HoC - Did the Java update fix things? if you are still having trouble and looking to place an order, I can take it over the phone.  PM to follow.

Sister Wolf:
That works too (taking the order another way).  I just didn't want your customers to not be able to purchase stuff.  Your store is a very, very good one, and we like keeping things in the family.  ;)

I will have to do some more testing and maybe kill the floating cart, if people are getting stuck.  Thanks again for your help, and support of the store.  You don't do a bad job yourself with the TSP Gear Shop!

Worked for me. Just ordered a backpack.


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