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Gold is a Terrible Investment - According to Dave Ramsey

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I think of metals not as an investment but a means of currency, that is, back up currency when current currency loses fancy and/or value.  Jack talks about value of a country's economy in terms of what it produces and that is it's value.  I kinda agree but also disagree because currencies are traded and your coconuts that are exported have the same value but could be traded in more or less value on whatever your currency is traded at or manipulated. 

I get Nick Murray's newsletter at work and his March Newsletter has it's main article titled "The Idiocy of Gold." Wow, the man hates gold and thinks that only idiots have it. Makes Ramsey and the old man from Omaha look like regular Gold Bugs. His terms prevent any quoting of the article, and it's really not worth quoting, but it just shows the violent hatred for gold that some advisors have.

I just don't get it. Such sweeping asset class rejection seems the heights of irrationality.

/rant off


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