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The Economic Fallout of Alienating Customers

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 :o   Something tells me it isnt the "local" part which is the issue.
People want to support their local bookstores. They might be hurting them instead.

Even worse, some have received backlash from impatient and disgruntled customers for slow shipping....  because they don’t want to deal with the slow process.

“Investing in a small business owned by a Black, Latinx Womxn was supposed to be an act rooted in resistance to the many systems that operate to limit our potential,” wrote Kalima DeSuze, owner of Brooklyn-based bookshop Café Con Libros, in a blog post in June. “It was an invitation to consider investing in small businesses versus Amazon as part of your tool belt of living more intentionally in a racist, sexist and capitalistic society.”
At Books are Magic three staff members manually entered in every credit card number that placed an order, meaning it took days to process orders..... takes orders through Instagram messages, and can only accept payments once customers come to pick up their books. In both cases, customers complained or even canceled their book orders.
“And that happens in China, which has its own issues with what China and the U.S. has going on,” Blair said. “A lot of times, people think it’s just you. Like [the customers say] ‘I try to support you, and you know, you’re not doing a good job.’"
People were demanding to get their books immediately, claiming “it can’t take that long to ship a book from Brooklyn to Manhattan.”


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