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The Economic Fallout of Alienating Customers

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me times I think it is just marketing stints, coming from highly paid execs riding on the wave of political correctness and pseudo progressiveness.

at times I am toying with the idea of a plot to engineer a new style of society

This is totally crazy.  Seattle-based Wizards of the Coast, a Hasbro division, is in release season for its Magic the Gathering card  game.  They have a reputation for anti-American sentiment and have several staff members deeply involved in ANTIFA. 

But even the most numb to their antics were shocked today, 9/11, when staff started promoting this as card of the day:

One of the pros tries to save the day with humor and the other pros pile on to help the narrative along that "surely it was just a mistake". Their livlihoods depend on tapping this out and they are doing pretty good on damage control.  But insiders know thiat releases are coordinated to the nth degree so no way this slipped through.  WoTC has gone silent probably hoping not to flame it further.
eric froehlich
Trying to figure out if I'm still living in reality after my wisdom teeth surgery, but there's just 0 chance that a card called Trapped in the Tower got scheduled to be previewed on 9/11, right?

And on the good news side of the coin.  Purdue teaching the young ones what inclusion and marketplace economics means.
Purdue stands by Chick-fil-A, despite protests from faculty, student body president

“While we respect and protect the rights of all to express their opinions at Purdue, this clarification is intended to reassure our students and others that this long-requested dining option will not be taken from them and to dispel any impression that Purdue would ever seriously consider such an action,” the statement from Purdue read.

“We would not be promoting choice and freedom by depriving thousands of people in our community of a choice they have long sought and are already taking advantage of in large numbers,” Purdue’s statement read. “And, we would not be practicing inclusion by excluding a completely legitimate business and its staff from our campus.”

A lot of industry discussions on reversing the "brand purpose" trend in marketing. They are suggesting the peak occured with Gillette.  Good summary with cartoons here:


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