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VHF/UHF and the #10 can


  While we often have these useful #10 cans around,what CAN we do with them???
Obviously we can carry food in them,or connectors,coiled coax,jumpers ,wire for antennas they even 'enhance' a speaker in noisy locations when a speaker is placed within one to direct audio towards the operating position. I tested and found that a #10 can makes an adequate ground plane for a magnetic mount VHF/UHF antenna and even for more permanent mounted antennas. I also have used a can as a 'wire stretcher' when I placed in at the end of a not long enough HF antenna ,as a capacity hat and was able to tune bands not commonly tuned on such short wires.

My point is ,use some caution,but don't be afraid ti innovate...such a simple thing and make life better in tough times .


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