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My Small Pocketable Groundplane Antenna Kit for Handheld Radios

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check out this idea and built of mine:

  Quote from the article:

 Then you can either hand the antenna about 2 meters of the ground, or attach it on a 2m pole. Even your walking stick could be used.

  As you are holding the same lossy, under length antenna at the same height above ground ...What do you gain from this?

I should be saying: Even your walking stick -kept high- could be used.

  OK,even a few feet can make a big difference some times.

and remember, one will not always be standing. taken from personal experience in most excursions that keep me on the same post I am sitting down to pull my freq notes, logbook etc.
also one should not have written in stone using the HT antenna. one could carry with him a collapsible SMA Antenna (1 meter extended) which makes a huge difference (had the chance to try them from the same spot)


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