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easiest 2 meter antenna ever


Alan Georges:
Cutting to the chase, it's just an old pair of TV rabbit ears, 300ohm leads removed, 50ohm coax soldered on, adjusted to the proper length (20"), and checked with an antenna analyzer.  Here's the video:

This guy does some pretty interesting stuff.  Some of it's trivial (like this video), but some of it he really digs in, especially on the software side.  Main thing is that he's putting it out there.

Nice find. I remember when I first got my HF rig with 2m (icom 703) and didn't have an antenna, my dad said to just stick a wire in the so-239.  Worked for receiving. Years later, come to find out almost anything can be an antenna.


I have a question.....does the second element needs to be horizontal or at 45degrees downwards? cos in another YT video the guy does the second...(to get a 50Ohm impedance)

Many TV antennas can not open to full 180 degrees and as it is just a makeshift dipole or a one radial ground plane ,
you only real important thing to watch is SWR match to the radio. I have made this kind of antenna from foil Burglar alarm tape (on an office window)
and a connector block ...trim with a sharp knife for SWR...even a directional beam can be done this way on a plastic shower curtain and pinned to ceiling.

Just be sure of SWR when finished so the radio will not suffer.


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