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299 Days: The War (Book Eight Discussion)

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Not on the 299 Days website yet but was released a couple days ago. Thank you for another great book! Got the email yesterday.

Read it.  Liked it.  But 8 seemed like a bit of a filler, setup for things yet to happen.  Some emotional drama that was a long time coming and done very well.  Physical danger stuff not too critical, but that's also how it's set up in the story -- it fits with the bigger picture and the role played by the characters.  While it seems "accurate" in these respects, I'd like a little action, and not just suspense.  Still, I'll keep buying. 

I love it!  I read it in two days... now I have to go through my several months of 299 withdraw until book 9 comes out  ::)

I read it in one day and I enjoyed it. Honestly, it should have been combined with book 7. I understand publishing costs for hard copies is high for small publishers, but book 7 wasn't worth $10 (this one was).

The FOM:
I loved the shout out to Josiah Wallingford as army scout.


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