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299 Days: The Visitors (Book Five) - book discussion [SPOILER ALERT]

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Finished Book 5:  Like the new direction of the storyline... Like others I concur that this book (as well as the entire Series) is simply too short.  While it's a very nice read, I don't consider the series a great value. If one was tight on money, there are several other series I'd recommend over this one based on the value issue.  (Going Home comes to mind - longer books with better prices).

Technically I had the same problem I have with so many "prepper fiction" books - the copy editing sucks.  Many misspellings, and editing failures.  (I used to be an editor of a magazine.) 

The one that really caught me in this book was a mistake that totally changes the point of the quoted sentence from the Declaration of Independence.  When grant remembers the DOI, he remembers "Lives, fortunes, and scared honor."  The word is sacred, not scared.  A simple mistake yes, but goes to the heart of why such self-published works need finishing. 

With all the interest in the 299 days series, I'd imagine it would pretty easy to find a dozen people here willing to sign an NDA and trade their copy editing for an advanced peek at what's coming up.  (I know I would.)  The net effect should be a much more professional product.

My 2 cents.


Smurf Hunter:
I finished the other day.

The writing and story both continue to improve.  I paid closer attention to the hypothetical aspects of the collapse.  Specifically which government or business services remain in place.  Some of those, like reduced law enforcement make sense.  Some of the black market bartering I had to accept on faith.

That brings up a small complaint I have.  We hear from the author "this shit is real", but clearly the sequence of events are not (yet?) real.  There's a vast difference between a character being real, and a future event being promised.  The books are somewhat instructional with regards to prepping and managing social situations.  In the first couple books I made paper notes of preps to buy, and how to implement certain steps.  Then I caught myself doing the same in books 4 and 5, but had to stop and remember it's basically sci-fi at this point.  The case of yellow spray paint ultimately didn't remain my shopping cart  :(

I am curious to see how SF Ted and the new group will develop in the story.  I've read competing theories on how such a resistence movement (starting with Snelling and crew) might play out.

Did you refer to other work in this genre for the special forces story line?

Here are some rather dark "patriot" books I've read in the past couple years that feature some form asymmetrical guerilla war between patriots and loyalists:

I think Bracken's analysis of the military chain of command during a collapse is very detailed.  There are clearly loyalist "yes men" commanders, more agnostic ones and full on rebels.   What I learned was, there's a big difference between an oath keeper refusing an unconsitutional order compared to a general telling the sec-def to pound sand while nukes are aimed at DC.

I have been waiting for this since christmas time .... just went and bought it as soon as I saw your thread but If there is a spoiler .... I aint reading it... lol

About 2/3 of the way through Book 5 at this point.

Story-line wise? I don't have any real feedback to this point. I haven't read the part where SF Ted comes in, but it doesn't really feel like we've moved the narrative anywhere in this book. The raid/trial were necessary to show the rest of the community getting over their normalcy bias, but the rest of it is just political gamesmanship by the narrator... frankly, not enough action to fill the book.

I'll echo the other opinion and just say that this was too short to be a good value. I appreciate the fact that it had to be split up into many different volumes in order to get published in the timeframe you and your publisher wanted, but at the rate we're going this is going to end up what would be a 2 or 3 novel series that's going to cost $100+ to read. I'm willing to do that, if for no other reason than to support the author and the message, but I wouldn't expect to be buying over many converts with this if they're seeing that kind of price tag. Anyone who doesn't immediately identify with Grant in the first two books is going to find something else to do with their money.

Heavy G, I'm loving the series, and I'm excited for it to continue... don't take any of these criticisms too heavily. Writing a story this size is an effort that I can't even imagine, and even if a bunch of spelling errors and minor errors ended up in the published version, it's still something to be very proud of. Who knows... if we can get this thing into the hands of enough people that some bigger publisher wants to buy out the rights to it, you may end up with a chance to get all sorts of editors and "consultants" to help you out with it for round 2. Maybe even some illustrators.  ;D

Hell, the way this story could inspire spin-offs within the same time-line, I may have to write some fan-fic about what's going on in other parts of the country.  :P

I really liked the book and I like the new direction.  I also wish it was longer or less expensive but you have me hooked and I can't wait for the next one.  The SF story line is very interesting.

One thing that I sort of worry about is Amazon selling my name as someone who bought this book.  I think that if the federal government starts to throw out the Constitution and do some of the things that were done in the book then it would be time for a revolution.  The problem is I don't want to be on someones list.  These books really made me think about things like who I am Facebook friends with.  A lot of interesting ideas in the books. 


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