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299 Days: The Visitors (Book Five) - book discussion [SPOILER ALERT]

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Smurf Hunter:
Apologies for forgetting the book's title.  Hopefully the thread title has been updated.

In any case, this is the thread for questions, comments and speculation about book 5 of the series.

*smurfhunter: I put the title of the book into the thread title.  Thanks for doing this.  - "Glen," who has magical moderator powers to edit titles of threads.

 hey i don't post much but i got the 1st 4 for Christmas and ran thru em by middle of February. i am really looking forward to book 5. great job Mr. Tate ;)

Heavy G:
You guys are gonna love Book Five.  I had an epiphany during the editing process and we put it into the published version.

Also, the original version of Book Five was pretty short and we wanted to give people more for their money.  So we moved quite a few chapters from the old Book Six into Book Five and adjusted the time line accordingly (which is why it took longer to publish Book Five).

I won't spoil what the epiphany was.  You'll have to try to find it.  I might describe the epiphany on my next interview with Jack, which is in early April.

Thanks for reading the series.  I seriously appreciate each person who takes their valuable time to spend reading my deepest thoughts.


Heavy G:
Book Five is out in paperback, Kindle, and Nook:

Again, my only complaint is that it's too short. I want good books to go on forever:)


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