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Lights Out by Halffast - Free PDF Book

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I have been a fan of this book for quite a while and have probably read it 6-8 times over the years.  I ordered the book primarily so I could share it with others who don't like reading the PDF and I am very interested in getting the audio version (probably the only way I'll get my wife to experience it).

Does anyone know if the audio book is available or when it is expected to be?

Well, I am probably the last active member of this forum to begin reading this book.   ::)

I'm on Chapter 10 and I have to say, so far, it seems much more realistic than other books I have read in the same category.  Although, I really enjoyed Patriots and Survivors.  I didn't have the same issues with characters popping in and out as some others did. 

I can't wait to see what following chapters have in store.   ;D

Love this book!

My all time favorite prepper themed book.  Read the PDF years ago.  Loved it so much I bought the paperback when it came out.


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