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Lights Out by Halffast - Free PDF Book

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I agree I finished it last week. Got with the kindle PC. I'm just finishing up the Patriot

Thanks to you all for your kind words and support.  And another huge thanks to Jack for having me on the show.


This is a great read.  I got the book a couple weeks ago and just finished it the other night.  I'll be handing this off to a couple friends who need a little push to restart their prepping.

Best of the genre David!  Excellent job on the book, I first read parts of it on PDF years ago.  It is great to finally hold it in my hands.  Congrats!

Serenity Gulch:
I'm probably one of the few people who were not aware this book existed until after hearing about it on Jack's podcast. I placed my order last week and received it yesterday. I sat down around 8:30 last night after putting the kids to bed and started reading, next time I looked at the clock it was 2am! Talk about being pulled into a story! I may have to put the kids to bed right after supper tonight so I can have more time to read.  ;D


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