Author Topic: Review of 12 Volt light I bought  (Read 2043 times)

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Review of 12 Volt light I bought
« on: November 01, 2017, 12:05:47 PM »
Hi All

I wanted to build a tripod light that ran off of 12V DC so I ordered the following:

The item seems to be well made and well worth the price of $13.00 for two of them.

These are made for cars or the like but if you know how to wire things they work well with power poles and a 12 volt battery. Light is good for a room of 12x12 but it is bright when looking straight at it.

Anyways just trying to be helpful like Carl is :-) and give something back.

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Re: Review of 12 Volt light I bought
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2017, 04:01:38 PM »
  Actually ,I have used both the flood and the spot version of these and am happy with them. Thanks for your input as I often miss on some good ideas without others spotting good deals for the forum. My review of these capable lights:

These LED Light Bar, Northpole Light [2 Pack] 18W CREE Flood LED Pods are GREAT! They are well designed heavy ,metal encased and
weather sealed and very bright lights that provide large amounts of light from 11 volts to 30 volts input so are usable on 12 and 24 power systems and are good on ATV,boats,cars,trucks even good for indoor area lighting for my solar battery system.
  I tested them on a power supply and the LED driver circuit keeps the LEDs at high brightness from a low of just over 10 volts and well over 26 volts and as voltage rises the amperage goes down and the 15 to 18 watts consumed by the lights remains nearly constant across the wide range of voltage and lends confidence to the evenly balanced area of light that the SIX 3 watts LED's produce. The mounting hardware provided is stable and sturdy as I must say these lights are a real bargain as I have purchased both the FLOOD and the focused BEAM sets and the indeed are as expected and the beam has a well centered,long thrown hotspot and the floods cover a wide , well balanced area light..