Author Topic: The EDC LED LIGHT that I keep forgetting, Streamlight NANO under $10  (Read 1671 times)

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I have carried one on each keychain I use and often within other pieces of 'survival' gear as this light is so tiny that I have even forgotten I had it and searched pockets for another light. The NANO give "WOW" light when you have non and runs for about 8 hours on four tiny LR41 'watch' batteries that are low cost from AMAZON and many others as you can buy 100 for just a few dollars and be 'set' for some time.This light actually gives enough light to navigate a path at night and is way beyond the typical key hole finder. I have one on a paracord around my neck now attached with a fishing swivel and two ,often needed,keys. This light is twist 'on' and I have no problem actuating the switch that has enough 'drag' from the "O" ring seals to not easily turn on by itself or lose it's parts. I do have a chore with replacement of the tiny batteries as my manual dexterity is so poor. This makes excellent gifts for yourself and everyone who might ever need a light that can carry anywhere.I rarely think of this light as more than a toy...but use it often as it is always there,if I can remember as it is so easy to forget.