Author Topic: BIG LARRY is another light I have used for some time that I like $20 range  (Read 1487 times)

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  Big Larry is a good,no really good,three "AA" powered light/lantern with a high of 370 ,measured by me, lumens that can really light up an area,rather than type more I will insert my review here.I must add that this is a tough METAL BODY lamp and very bright for tough tasks.

Nebo Big Larry black 400 Lumens C-O-B LED Work Light Flashlight (3 AA Batteries Included), This is my first look at BIG LARRY though I find the 7 and 1/2 inch light with 1/2 x 2 & 1/4 inch light element a tad large for every day carry both the quality and quantity of light it produces are respectable for such a compact size directed lantern. It is designed for hand carry or stands in it's magnetic base well on flat surfaces or magnetic base as it is large for pocket carry and has no pocket clip or belt holster,or even attached lanyard ,though I am sure a belt pouch can be found to fit it close enough.

I put in 3 ENELOOP AA rechargeable cells for a test and it is IMPRESSIVE as a good area light that uses 1.5 amps on high (claimed 400 lumens) and uses .5 amps on low and a bit less (maybe half? or 1/4 amp average) so will operate about 1 hour plus on high,4 hours on low,and 8 or more while flashing...well long enough to complete the average work task.

  I like then wide though directional light output as it is easier to work without light in your eyes and the magnetic base is handy plus the use of 3 common AA cells allows quick replacement of regular or rechargeable cells for longer light needs from the cigar sized lamp (three AA cells long)

BIG LARRY is a winner with HIGH/LOW/RED?and RED flashing modes.